Employer Information

We are committed to delivering training to add benefits to a business. Businesses need training to be effective and deliver results that support the business’ needs. For this reason we develop courses with potential employers to ensure that the results of any training program are designed into the program.

Fees / Funding

Where State/Federal funding is available AIVD will utilise this to reduce the cost of training to the business.

We understand the need to reduce the cost of doing business and training is often seen as a “luxury spend”. In our experience we know that the right training is an investment that can provide a greater return on investment. Once again this comes back to developing a specific program to suit your business and your needs.


Australian Apprenticeship Support Networks (AASN’s) can assist employers attract funding for eligible employees. This is a way that businesses can offset the cost of training. We can guide you through the process, but a great starting point is this website.


We welcome feedback on our courses from employers as it provides the opportunity to improve our products services or the chance to celebrate our successes! Please email your feedback to info@aivd.com.au